Transform your lawn into a sustainable, landscaped garden.

Severe droughts, climate change, and environmental regulations are increasingly restricting LADWP’s traditional water supply sources. Water efficiency is at the core of our strategies to improve overall water supply reliability. As an LADWP customer, you are eligible to attend or host a Hands On Workshop to reduce your water usage, capture stormwater, and create a sustainable landscape.


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Host a Hands on Workshop in your own yard to receive a free garden and help your neighbors learn about California-Friendly Gardening!


attend a hands on workshop

Ready to get your hands dirty? Join us for a Hands On Workshop to learn how to remove turf, install sustainable landscaping, and capture rainwater!


Participation Benefits

These classes will teach you techniques required to transform your lawn into a sustainable landscape, save water, and make water conservation a California way of life. During these Hand On Workshops you will learn how to:

- Remove turf

- Lay sheet mulch

- Capture rain water

- Plant low water use California Friendly and native plants

- Install drip irrigation

Upcoming workshops

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Join us for a Hands on Workshop and learn about sustainable landscaping, California-friendly and native plants, and how to save both water and money.


hands on workshop 2

September 7th and September 14th

Van Nuys, CA

Attend Workshop 2


hands on workshop 3

November 2nd and November 9th

West Hills, CA

Attend Workshop 3

hands on workshop 4

October 5th and October 12th

Woodland Hills, CA

Attend Workshop 4


hands on workshop 5

October 19th and October 26th

Van Nuys, CA

Attend Workshop 5


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